2015 AGM Musical Director’s Report

2nd September, 2015

2015 AGM Musical Director’s Report
Bathurst City & RSL Band Assoc. Inc.

Courtesy of Western Advocate

Mathias Rogala-Koczorowski conducting the City & RSL Band at the 11am Anzac Ceremony – 25th April 2014

What a year of anniversaries this is proving to be and appropriate that it should coincide with my 25th and last. What a ride it has been. Thank you band for showing such dedication in meeting such an intense schedule of commitments, Anzac Day and Proclamation Day being of such significance this year, the contribution to the civic celebration has been outstanding. I am not with you tonight because I have been invited to dinner with the Mayor and Councillors, which I’m sure is in recognition of the band’s Herculean labours. I will take the opportunity to lobby for more secure funding, as well as the use of BMEC for our Festival.

I hope to get there before the end of band, so let my successor warm up the band for me. I don’t know if the appointment has been confirmed before this report is read, so personal congratulations will have to wait, but let me say that it is a very lucky Conductor who inherits this finely drilled ensemble of lovely wonderful people.

I’d particularly like to thank the hardworking willing Committee members over the years. To single some out Elissa has been indefatigable for some years now, Heather has been doing the books for yonks, Chris has made an unbelievable effort with the library, Peter played a critical role as President at a time of difficulties, but above all I’d like to thank Colin, who’s been along for the ride from the beginning and without whose support I couldn’t have done it, even if the criticism was generous and the praise stinting. I don’t know if you realize how
much tedious, essential but thankless, administrative work he has been doing. Planning of the Festival on November 22 is very advanced and I hope to finalise the details in the next week.

I never meant or expected to resign so early, if at all, just as I was starting to make inroads on Sam Lewins’ record, but fate has intervened. I must move on to the next stage of my life and the band to its. There is no permanence. But it’s been an honour and a privilege and one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my life. No doubt there will be the opportunity for speeches and reminiscences of the highlights down the track.